Why Is Your Windshield Chip Spreading?

You may see a small chip in your windshield and think nothing of it, but given a few days that small chip can become a big problem. As your windshield repair professionals, we recommend contacting us as soon as you find a blemish in your glass so that it can be repaired quickly and correctly. But how does a tiny little chip turn into a very large crack? Here’s a couple reasons why it may be spreading:
  1. Dirt: It seems like the Atlanta, Georgia clay can be blamed for a lot of messes, but did you realize that it could end up in your windshield? Dirt and other small particles in the air can make their way into the blemishes of your windshield and weaken your glass.
  2. Moisture: If a chip allows room for moisture to get inside your glass it can destroy it from the inside, especially when it freezes during our chilly Atlanta winters.
  3. The Sun: If the sun gets hot enough to heat up your windshield, it can most definitely expand even the smallest cracks and chips.
  4. Extreme Temperatures: The first thing you want to do in the Atlanta heat is crank your air conditioning, but when your cold air meets your heated windshield it can cause a lot of damage to a simple crack.
  5. Shaky Rides: Even the tiniest speed bump or blasting bass can put stress on your glass and expand the damage.
Even the smallest crack and cause a safety issue for you and your passengers over time. Not only can it block your vision while driving, but in the event of an accident a cracked windshield can become very dangerous.. At Superglass, we like to keep your vehicle's glass in pristine condition and save you money from a costly windshield replacement. Don’t wait to contact us about a blemish in your glass, schedule an appointment today!