Why Windshield Replacement?


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At SuperGlass Windshield Repair, we guarantee the structural installation of the windshield for the life of the vehicle. We only use the top brands of Pilkington and PPG, who provide windshields for Toyota, GM, Ford, Daimler, VolksWagen, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, to ensure quality. Can’t come to our shop? Our local technicians, with over 20 years of experience, will bring our services to you for no additional charge.

Don’t Put Off Servicing Your Windshield!

The windshield is an important safety feature for your vehicle. It lowers the impact of the airbag and a poorly installed windshield could fly off the frame during a crash, causing severe trauma for those in the vehicle. A simple bump in the road or a rapid temperature change can quickly turn a small chip in your windshield to a large crack making those inside the vehicle vulnerable. The cost of a windshield replacement ranges from $170 to $300. SuperGlass Windshield Repair is universally insurance approved. If you have a Florida registration with full coverage insurance, there will be no cost of replacement. We will even call your insurance company on your behalf to guarantee the free windshield replacement.

U-Tech Auto Glass is the company that will handle your windshield replacement. They are responsible for the guarantee and warranty.