About SuperGlass 321

“Our reputation is built not only on our products and services, but also on the experiences of our customers. All must be superior, every day, every time!”
-Michael “Mike” Scott – SuperGlass Franchise Owner

Your Windshield Repair Experts!

As a leader in windshield repair, we guarantee that our repair to your chipped or cracked windshield will be perfect and permanent! If it can’t be repaired, we can replace it using only high-quality glass and adhesives produced in the U.S.

We use only the best products and stand behind our work. Our proof is the thousands of satisfied customers whose windshields we’ve repaired!

Along with the hundreds of fast and friendly mobile service calls we make to individuals, we also serve many of the Space Coast’s largest automotive dealerships and repair shops, along with fleet management services, including the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. We’ve even repaired emergency vehicles for NASA at Kennedy Space Center!

Your Glass Repair Experts!

We’re also the experts in restoring your automotive, commercial, residential and marine glass and acrylic. Whether it’s been scratched, chipped or has accumulated vision-obscuring sediment and minerals, our exclusive restoration process can return its clarity and quality. Don’t replace it, repair it!

We’ve repaired the scratched and distressed glass and acrylic panels of offices and storefronts, residential construction projects, boats and ships, and aquariums and museums.

We’re Your Neighbors!

We’re a locally-owned business with a global brand behind us. In Brevard County, Florida we serve you with our local team of technicians. Our employees live in your area, we’re raising our families here, and we support our local economy and community. We believe in doing business locally and helping our friends and neighbors!

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