Why Get Windshield Repair

Repairing your windshield, rather than replacing it, offers many benefits, including:

Saving Money

A windshield repair is typically about 10% or less of the cost of a new windshield. If you carry comprehensive coverage, your insurance company will not count the cost of repair against your deductible.

Saving Time

Auto glass repair only takes about 20 minutes, and your vehicle is ready to drive right away.


There’s no need to drop off your vehicle and pick it up later, or spend time in a repair shop’s waiting room. With our fast and friendly Mobile Service, we’ll come to your home or business and make the repair on site.

Save Energy – Keep Glass Out of Landfills

Did you know the manufacturing process for one new windshield creates about 50 pounds of carbon emissions and uses close to 1,500,000 BTU’s of energy?

Did you also know that landfills contain 10 to 12 percent glass? Most companies want to replace your windshield, as that’s where they make the most profit. However, they rarely recycle the glass, instead sending it to our public landfills where it will take up space and never decompose. We responsibly recycle all the automotive glass we replace!

Repair Retains the Original Seal of Your Windshield

The windshield is a safety feature of your vehicle, and the bond between the glass and the steel body ensures its proper performance. The factory seal is difficult to duplicate in outdoor conditions. Windshield repair allows you to keep the original seal intact.

Windshield Repair Restores Your Safe Driving Vision

With a refractive index of 1.51, SuperGlass repairs will eliminate distracting discoloration and restore your safe driving vision. That’s guaranteed!

Maintains the Value of Your Vehicle

Nobody wants a car or truck with a damaged windshield – it just looks bad! It also can reduce the resale value of your vehicle. Repairing chips or cracks will restore the windshield to its original quality and clarity, and maintain its integrity!

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